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UPI – is a highly established recruiting firm which deals with placements of all disciplines.  We are the global manpower leader in providing the best manpower solutions throughout India and to certain parts of the world.  Bridging the right employer and employee is our specialty. We deal with construction, oil and gas, Petrochemicals, Information technology, Accounting and what not.   We offer permanent, semi-permanent recruitment solutions to assist our clients and candidates in their career/company ambitions.

It is our continuous aim to provide full – time, powerful solutions to promote the competitiveness of the companies and the candidates we serve.  Our assistance offers the companies to get successful, fast-changing results and to connect people to the best employment opportunities each and every year.  We offer customized solutions to the Employers and applicants.

If you are a job seeker who seeks the very best assistance and if you are an employer, looking forward to recruiting best applicants, without hesitating even for a moment – contact us on the following Mobile Numbers:  7094434780-7094434710

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