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How We Operate

How We Operate

UPI , Universities and placements Integrated is a recruiting firm started with a vision to incorporate education and placements together. Having a tie-up with Many Universities across India and Abroad, UPI offers the best distance education platform in India and across the world.

If you are seeking to get settled in a career, UPI seeks your resume first. Ongoing through your resume, you will be guided with 8-10 Suitable Interviews. If you are a job seeker, seeking a profile in your core, we are there. Wherein, somehow, if you have got placed in a job that is not relevant to your educational core and whereby you seek the highest salary in your current job profile, we will assist you to get the magical entry point.

But we believe in one thing. Education offers the up-gradation. We have many UG / PG programs available and even UG / PG Diploma Programs. All the courses are online / distance education programs and the educational programs would be suggested based on your expected salary and educational qualification. We will help you to transform by offering you with expert guidance. So, you have nothing to lose and you are going to gain so much by gaining an additional degree / PG / Diploma as suggested by us and paying for only your education and getting your placement assistance free.

As you are aware education is the key to knowledge treasure. We have a specialized platform that helps you to draw the highest salary by upgrading your skills, knowledge, and education. Connecting everything together will increase the value of your resume to a very high extent and whereby all your career goals would get fulfilled.


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